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Reputable Megasquirt Dealer


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Hi guys,

Starting to get my head round this megasquirt, Edis mod for my 4.6 Classic and i am still gathering information.

Think i am going to go with this system as it seems fairly straight forward and the Edis apparently is easily compatable and reliable.

In my quest i need to find a reilable supplier who will supply decent service and quality kits i seem impressed with extra efi for the ecu kits and triggerwheels.com for some of the brackets and Edis sensor Etc.

Any reccomendations ? Who should i avoid like the plague?

Also what are the options for wideband lambda sensor in your opinions.

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Howdy - what do you need and when do you need it? ;)

Edited to add something a bit more useful:

There are threads on official & reputable suppliers on msefi.com, there are also threads on a couple of utter scoundrels who have sold some real shockers to people. I forget the name but there's a motorsport/racing style outfit who are to be avoided at all costs.

Phil at ExtraEFI is a nice chap who has put a lot of work into MS development and is a worthy place for your money to end up.

Bill Shurvinton (who's now on this forum) is a reputable supplier of ECU's and Innovate widebands.

I believe it's a friend of Bill's who imports the TechEdge WBO2 kits and there's very little to choose between them.

I sell built ECU's (using kits from Bill as it happens :P ), EDIS-8 units imported by my own fair credit card, and Rover V8 specific wiring tails. Whether I'm reputable or not is probably not for me to say :ph34r: I've sold about 10 ECUs to forumers, including a mod, so the fact I'm not banned (yet :o) might say something :lol:

I'm currently out of EDIS-8's, waiting on more over from the US.

Triggerwheels.com are a good source for Rover V8 trigger wheels, it saves a lot of faffing about.

I'd raid the scrapyard for coil packs & mounts, VR sensors, HT leads, Lambda sensors as they're all fairly reliable and much cheaper used.

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Reputable - Er Yes,

Normal - Erm ...more "Special" :lol:

edited to add :

Erm, I iz the 'mod wot' he has sold to :lol:

No I haven't banned him,

Partly because Fridge (and Bill too) have helped me get my engine MS'd,

2ndly the quality of the workmanship of the ECU Build which is loverleyjubberly and

3rdly cos I am a nice guy and I strongly belive in 'care in the community' - banning him wouldn't help him,

there again not sure what F would :P

Seriously Bill or Fridge are 101% trustworthy IMHO and you could do far worse than to use either or both of them


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Hi Fridge,

I will be dropping in my engine this month and next, getting new oil pump, water pump and getting the rad checked out etc.

Ideally i would have the time to build up the kit myself but with running my small company, getting my Suzuki GS1000 ready for summer, Decorating (she makes me do it :angry:) , Etc, Etc I will go for aready built ecu to keep the wheels moving so to speak.

So i should be ready for ecu, loom and Edis about june ish. What price is your Edis-8 unit, MS-Ecu, Loom. I you want give me prices on a private email feel free.

As i dont know anyone who has done this locally i just want to be sure before spending my hard earned dough.

I will try to put some pictures of the old gal (The car not the missus :D:D )on at some point this week

I may give Phil at Extra a ring this week as he sound ok,

Now the clocks have gone back might get somewhere.

Thank for the help


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+1 for Bill Shurvington who pops up on all sorts of forums

a very nice, honest and trustworthy chap who was moer than understanding when i arsed him around for a bit (through circumstances beyond my control unfortunately)

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Megasquirt is a DIY open source ECU which can control any normal spark engine up to about 10,000rpm and just about any cylinder combination. It is a free (wel the software is free and the hardware is v cheap for what it is) and easy way of controlling engines. Megasquirt controls both fuel supply and spark supply to an engine and does it far far better than early rover stuff ever did.

in a rover V8 application it allows you to junk the injector control setup and the distributor. EDIS is a non-distributor mehtod of supplying sparks to engines- it is a Ford system and reckoned to be extremely reliable and almost completely waterproof.

With both MS and EDIS you can turn your engine from a dog to a bit of workhorse and save yourself a fortune in getting ECUs repaired.

As the ECU is freeware there are thousands of people round the world using it, modding it and improving it for the benefit of the rest of us.

Look in tools and Fab forum for some very very interesting topics on the subject. the main website is http://www.bgsoflex.com/megasquirt.html


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