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I've heard of it being done even from a RR efi into a Series but not done it myself. I reckon at least efi to carb shouldn't be too bad as a lot of wires would be the same colours for the same uses before and after.

Don't know if Niall's done it.

Try fridge - think he's building a completely new loom now, but I'm fairly certain he was using an EFI loom in his series V8 conversion.

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Oh yes....

The EFI loom is pretty much a separate loom from the main one, find yourself a knackered EFI and whip it out! :blink::lol:

Then all you need it to connect up the power and away you go.

You are right, Fridge has used an RRC EFI loom in his series... a very tidy installation... NOT :ph34r:

D :-)

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Not sure if we managed to put it back right yet, though :P

Seriously, the engine bay end is easy - done that three or four times now (mutter...). Don't know about the interior end (it runs into the right hand end of the dash and finishes up under the drivers seat at the ECU. I'd imagine it's also tied into the fuel pump, ignition switch and imobiliser, though I wouldn't expect anything too complex. You might have to take a fair bit of the interior apart to get it out in one piece.

They do come up on eBay every now and then, but I haven't seen any recently and I'm not sure what sort of money they go for (Surely not that much? They aren't exactly rare).

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The EFi loom is a separate thing to the main vehicle loom, it only joins at a white 7-way plug that gives B+, Ignition, fuel pump, and a few other things. Mine ran with about 3 wires connected but I'll admit it wasn't a tidy install - the ECU spent most of it's time floating on the dashboard shelf :unsure: until I chopped it off and fitted a proper one.

Here you can see the loom:


Tis basically one section from the EFi inlet manifold to the ECU, with the cluster of relays and stuff at the ECU end.

A quick guide to installing the thing is here: http://juracid.co.uk/lr/index.php?do=elect.../rover_efi.html

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