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range rover based off road racer

orange rover

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in one of the mags in the last year, there was a feature about a company turing range rovers into off road racers. in front they remove all the wings and just leave the bonnet, roof is cut etc, the front pretty much looks like


in addition, they also had one vehicle that had a super seven body. anyone knows the name of the company or has a url?

(@white90, excellent project, very good locking car. hope you don't mind me using your picture)

kind regards


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I know the truck you mean

I don't think it is one of Longranger's trucks I could be wrong.

I would say there are better trucks to race than the one's featured on LRO or which ever mag it was.

It is not the Roage Vouges truck that is very diffrant in construction.

I know of someone that has one and the work needed to make it a half decent truck and road leage is much more than you would think.

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just a note, but that is RogueVogue's Truck rather than White90's.... ;)


ah, i thought poster = owner

long ranger ist not what i meant, the two racers looked pretty much like the rogue rover from the front, one was yellow as far as i remember. in addition they also did a front tail, i.e. chopped parts from the front since the radiator was in the back. looked rather good as far as i remember would love to find some┬┤pictures online.

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