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Anyone going to Brick Kiln Farm this Sunday?

McS Junior

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You'll probably find more of the guys from here at Slindon than Brick Kiln but while Brick Kiln can be damaging in my experience you'll be lucky to come away form Slindon unscathed :ph34r:

Watch our for Shire and SAD play days at Bunney Lane. Lots of fun and wide open with few trees. Just be wary of the deep water.

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There's a RTV and CCV trial on sunday .......... if you want to enter be there for 9 9.30 latest to sign on or just turn up to watch

Its an nice frendly club come along if you are new to the area they run trials an play days and membership is cheap

I live nearer Slindon ........ great site play days are good but if you are like me tend to do stupid things and damage your motor in that type open day ......... I tend get bored by myself whereas trials are great .......... challange to try and less risk of damage

There also a very frendly bunch

Only my personel opinion of course I've injoyed everything I've competed in TYRO's and RTV's............ I am a abselute beginner

Website ......http://www.hbro.co.uk/index.shtml

Try it and see


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I would have been there, but putting my truck back together to fix MoT things is taking ages, parts just aren't arriving :(

probably would only specate or marshal though, I'm convinved I'd hit all those canes if I drove and everyone would laugh, plus the truck is not arc legal.

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