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?? Pre Heater TD4 ??


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Ok all, let see if anyone does venture in here !!

Other half is on her 5th Freelander, 04/05 TD4 SE, and we get , what I can only call, "a hell of a din" from the l/hand front corner, together with what looks like steam, mainly when cold,,

Presume this is the Pre heater,, Should it make a loud "scavenging" sound, almost enough to drown out the engine

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Yes, it is quite a noisy thing and does produce steam on cold mornings.

Not sure what you mean by a scavenging sound but they sound a bit like a pressure jet kero-fired central heating burner, because that's basically what they are!

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Vals is the same

you can get the remote actuation/timer kit

this includes a silencer for the pre heater.

they are superb at getting thhe heater warm though.

Conversely the heater is sh&te without it! Mine had a faulty ambient temp sensor and it took about a week to warm up in about 2*C ambient temp (the faulty sensor wouldn't come on till about freezing). Anybody who thinks a Tdi takes a long time to warm up should try a Td4 with a malfunctioning pre heater...

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TD4 's mainly standed I think

My 2.0 L had one as the camel stuff it made life as a builder better as with in a mile from home all the heaters worked in stead of freezing for 20 minets untill she warmed up.

I have always thought that they must reduce engine wear as the engine is at running temp within a few minets of starting and not 30 miles or so.


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TD4 had them as std with optional remote and timer for coming one (upto 3 presets etc)

i had one in the td5, fantastic bit of kit, less engine wear as well if you run it prior to start up, also demists the screen if run for 8mins or before you want to nip out. mpg not affected either.

Tim theres a Webasto main dealer (Branchflowers) up the back of Bishops Lydeard on the 90deg Left Hander going up the hill. Geoff is the guy you need on 01823 432000

i reckons it too loud if you can hear it above the engine.

for a defender they are about £500 with timer etc, and i have a spare one courtesy of Matt Neale.

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