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Battery Drain????


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If I leave my disco overnight sometimes it only just starts, got a new batt and alternator and all works fine, but still the battery is sometimes low.

I have checked the internal lights, all switch off etc. Maybe the alarm is the problem, a couple of times i have checked the current when everything is off and there sometimes is a 0.7amp current, but not all the time.

Does anyone know where the fuse is for the alarm so i can disingauge it and try that. <_<<_<

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May be worth checking the current while selectively pulling fuses. Also pull the connectors form the back of the alternator which are not fused. Might give some more clues (not sure if mine has alarm or how its fused).

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As LR90 says check the drain and pull out fuses till it disappears then you know it is on that circuit and can look further.

Alarm should not drain any significant amount.

I saw a similar problem in a Disco a few years ago, battery went flat every 2 days regular as clockwork, turned out to be a shorted wire behind the radio, lucky there wasn't a fire!!

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Could it be just a bad earth or bad connection? I have seen bad earth giving similar symptoms, especially when weather gets cold, starter will draw more power putting earths and battery under extra strain. Have you tried disconnecting the battery for few nights each night and reconnecting in the morning to see if you still have the problem? this could tell you if it's voltage drain or something else . I.e.. if it starts ok after disconnecting the battery there is voltage drain. If no difference... it could be bad earth , bad connection between battery and starter or even lazy starter motor [when cold] Greg

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I have only had to resort to Jump Leads once - it was cold and had not been started for a week.

I have had the Discovery for two years and the symptoms have been there for that time - it sounds and feels as though it will not start - but it does. The battery is OK and I have no reason to doubt the alternator.

So it is a drain on the battery somewhere or as Bogbuster describes.

If you find anything, please post so I can investigate the same.

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Just a couple of tips for checking batt drain

1) Fully charge battery

2) Ensure radio code is enterd if required (or face removed if removeable)

3) Close bonnet (or disconnect bonnet switch so alarm thinks its closed)

4)'Latch' drivers door allowing you to fully arm the alarm without closing the door (makes pulling fuses easy)

5) Let the vehicle stand for 20 mins before starting drain test (allows any control units to go to 'sleep' i.e rest mode)

When checking drains we normaly treat anything over 0.05 Amps as high (remember a 2 Amp drain on a 30ah battery will drain it in 15 hrs approx)

Happy hunting

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ive quite regulary heard of issues with LRs going flat due to radio interferance. If the alarm recieves the right sort of signal it wont go into 'sleep' mode & therefore consume a lot more power. try parking somewhere else & see if it still happens?

got a feeling there was a post about this sort of thing & a RR/weather station connection not long ago on here.

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