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10 things we didn't know this time last week

Guest MJG

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And then you look at the Freelander sales figures and think how horribly disappointed they must have been :lol:

Amazing though - but last time I was over there the things were everywhere, so you can believe it. Not that any of them ever look as if they get dirty - even less so than the 95% (or whatever it is) of UK ones that don't :unsure:

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I'd like to know how much profit LRNA makes though. As they sell almost all versions at about half their UK prices I would be interested in how much margin they actually make at that level.

I'm pretty confident that UK and other markets are subsidising LRNA, with their US marketing budgets and distribution costs I would bet that LRNA is currently a loss making division for LR. It would be interesting to know what sales volume they would have to reach to be profitable.



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Not convinced by that, isn't the largest selling 4x4 the ford f150? I seem to remember some Clarkson thing, however the cheap one they tend to sell is actually only rear wheel drive.

maybe I'm just being a pedant, I think it might mean SUV - which is anything large enough to escpape the emission tests over there :)

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