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110 what size tyres are best?


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Hi All,

The 110 Tdi is getting ready for a new set of tyres currently running 31x10.5x15 but have a set of 16x7j wheels considering going to 750X16 tyres but anybody else think that for example 235x70x16 are better?.

Tyres are for road use only i have a set of offroad wheels and tyres.



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235/70r16's are disco / RRC sized tyres, be a bit small on a 110.

235/85R16's are similar to 7.50's just a bit wider and ever so slightly taller, but they are the closest metric size to the 7.50.

265/75R16's are about the same height as 235/85R16's but 30mm wider.

I run 235/85R16's on my 110, but if I was buying new tyres for road use only I'd considerr the wider 265/75R16's as the extra width will aid cornering stability, although you might loose a bit of steering lock depending on what rims you use.

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I run these on my 90 and you lose a little steering lock but not enough to worry about

what sort of wheels? if white 8 spokes the offset will mean no problem with turning circle, if they are Discovery steels or alloys then you lose a little bit as I have on mine but as I said it is still quite satisfactory (mine has Tornado alloys on, normal LR offset whatever that is)

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255/85/16s are OK if you have given the TDi a little more grunt, otherwise they raise the gearing and slow down the acceleration. These are a better off road size.

As you want road tyres I'd go for 265/75/16s, particularly BFG all terrains as they last for ages and are as quiet as normal pattern road tyres.


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