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V8 Distributor


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I don’t see how it is going to be better than a standard distributor. I would of thought it will have the same problems with condensation etc.

well, if it's a Hall-effect trigger than that will remove the lovely points of doom which'll help matters

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as per our coughing coughity cough chat today

I have looked into these.

1, The Coil is a high output one as such the positives is that it replaces the amp on the dizzy, and coil as all is in one unit...just a single wire to connect

2. Don't think they are waterproof, but are better than normal kit...........

3. US Of F A for parts and service items, .........what if co goes bust ?

4. Think you'll have a problem with the advance curve, as they don't do much other than std 3.5 or 3.9 let alone mine (I asked they didn't have much of a clue when you scratch the surface and get technical with them) let alone a TVR V8 5.0 B)

5. Not sure the leads are UK types.... think they are USA types, ...so even these will be a PITFA to get / sort

6. You also may have to grind a lump out of the inlet manifold / brackety to get it to fit, I know this as a mate bought of for racing, he was disappointed and sold it on to a Bling V8 crusier.....

Nige :ph34r:

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How much???????????

Just pick up the HEI dizzy from an early small bold buick V8 next time you're in the states. Exactly the same and loads cheaper - $30-$40 is the going rate for a 2nd hand one. Change the drive dog over and bolt it straight into your engine.

The problem comes in the fact that these things are enormous! You have to trim the inlet manifold to get it to fit, and it causes all sorts of fun with coolant hoses in some cases as they're in the way.

Parts are readily available over hear, its just the bodies that are harder to get. Cap and rotor are standard GM v8 so obtainable anywhere. Coil and hall effect goodies are again easy to get over here (beleive it or not they're made in this country).

Bear in mind that the Rover V8 is in fact almost identical to the 218CI buick (Rover bought the rights from Buick). So any dizzy from a small block (up to 350Ci) will fit. Looks for a late 70's buick skylark or soemthing like that.

They turn up on ebay from time to time aswell, but my experience is that few US based sellers are prepared to ship parts accross the pond.



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<cough> and <cough> I have a HEI Buick 350 Dizzy complete on my bench as one of my "Ideas" I loked at, Jon and I have had long thinks about it....but for Moi....

I can't fit it

....................as I have worked out I need to grind some ali from the inlet manifold to give clearance, problem is Mr Eales has been INSIDE with his diegrinder "Big-Timey :(:) ) and there is not now enough meat for me to do the same on the outside - std engine no probs.

Is complete, can post, its a one wire hook up, and will slot straight into a V8 Rover points or efi etc, and has a HUGE coil pack output.

Yours for £40, poss can deliver, poss can do pics

Nige :ph34r:

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