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watery gearbox

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after getting a tad stuck on sunday afternoon(pic's to follow) ive managed to fill my auto box with water!!!!!

so far ive drained all the old oil out and refilled it, all seems to drive ok ,

is there anything else i can do with regard to flushing ect to prevent any long term damage?

and...yes it did have raised breathers but it would apear that the gearbox one is not as good as it should be (new set orderd).

I blame that nigel...get megasquirt bla bla bla :P:P:P

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run it for a few miles so it gets upto full operating temp then do another drain/refill, that shloud get any remaining water out.

surely this will just turn it to condensation and make it harder?? id fill it with some red diesel and run it up then drain it, thats what i do at work with tractors that have had water contamination, they have similar clutch packs to the auto. you may be lucky but water causes the lining to peel.

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just a suggestion from me, as Ia don't run or never owned a auto box vehicle, my thinking was that with the box at working temp & fresh oil in it after the initial drain, the oil would lube & help carry any left over water out of the box.

I would be more worried about the silt in the water getting trapped in all the oilways inside the box, it will not change gear properly.

Suggest you give Ashcroft's a ring to get a professional view on whats best

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Apparently the "stuck" was bonnet under water, wheel boxes under water,

and lunch box floating away, ......and engine running and then winched himself out

I just want to see the pics :lol:

As to the box speak to ashcrofts, I am unsure what diesel would do to brake bands and things ?

as him 1st


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