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wanting to get into 4x4ing


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I want to get into 4x4ing but don't know what beast i should start off with.

Iv Always loved the LR's but don't know what is the best series to start off with.

any ideas and points in the right direction would be handy =D


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......any which is good condition. Which normally means a late model S3.

It all depends on you mechanical knowledge and your willingness to get your hand dirty really.

My mechanical knowledge is not that great, but im sure some Haynes and other manuals and hand on work should sort that out quickly.

Thanks for that =)

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I'd say anything solid and in-budget, it very much depends. If it's just an off-road toy then an 88" S2a / S3 is a good bet. If you can find one that's got a few goodies then that is a short cut, in no particular order:

- Mud tyres will make a huge difference

- Look for restored vehicles so new/galvanised chassis, new/galvanised bulkhead

- Engine swaps such as 2.5D, 200TDi, V8 although *do* check they've been done by someone competent, if it looks rough or sounds rough then walk away.

- Parabolic springs are a nice bonus, make things more comfy and more flexible off-road

Be wary of tax-exempt hybrids, there are a lot being sold at the moment as people realise that a lot of them aren't road legal so although a tax-exempt 200Tdi "90" on coils with disc brakes and PAS may seem like a bargain, you're far better off buying an actual Defender for a few more pennies.

I would also say that if you are new to all this, are you sure you want a Series and not a Defender or Range Rover / Disco? The Series is an acquired taste and you either love or hate them. For a first toy you can buy a good Range Rover or Disco for £1000, it will be quiet, warm, comfy, and capable.

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For a first toy you can buy a good Range Rover or Disco for £1000, it will be quiet, warm, comfy, and capable.

...and most of all, dull and boring! :ph34r:

It appears that as a general rule, the younger the Series the poorer the chassis will be (if still on the original). Whereas the mechanicals will be the opposite. As soon as Rover was sucked into British Leyland, the quality of the chassis and other body parts were cheapened. I'd like to see a late 70s or early 80s Series 3 that was a civilian model which is as good as a lot of the Series 1s and earlier 2s. I'm not saying that they're all bad, a lot of the MOD ones are holding up well (but I suspect some of that might be down to their religious application of underseal).

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90 isn't a Series. It's one of them filthy coil sprung motors. ;)

Indeed - I believe you can be excommunicated from the Series forum for that sort of talk :ph34r:

FWIW my 109 chassis is a very late one and is in remarkable condition, although frankly at the age of vehicle we're talking about you've got to take each one on its merits.

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I started off with a S3 fitted with a 2.5td witch i still have (as i was playing in the woods and hit a tree a bit hard) was very nice to dive no speed but by having no speed i was less likely to get done for speeding,

a good S2a or S3 should give you a good start on a the 4x4ing ladder

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Agreed, for my first venture nowadays I would pick a disco.

And it'll cost you a lot less than a grand too.

Get a decent one for £600 and a set of muds and you'll be amazed where you'll go.

Oh, and those of you who wont use a Series in traffic; wimps!

Used to do my 34 mile commute in my S3.

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my first landy was a s2a long wheel base with a 2.5 naturally disasterated diesel.

it was slow, bloody heavy to turn, rubbish non servo assisted brakes, very very cold, noisey and rattled your teeth out!

But i loved it and used it as my daily drive for almost 3 years as well as using it for trials (i know, bonkers. I needed about 5 shunts per section :lol: )

certainly taught me alot about vehicle maintanence as well!!!!!!

perfect way to start into landrover ownership imho. especially offroad.

You have to pick the line and read the ground properly, chose the right gear every time and build up the 'power' for big climbs well in advance of the climb itself - unlike my tdi90 which is point and squirt and with long travel suspension. makes most offroad trials a bit easy on girly coils. Just wish i could drive to the capabilities of my motor - might actually win a trial then!!!!!!!!!!

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