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OME suspension

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i have OME from D44 on my challenge truck and its a specific build to them. very pleased with it. not too much articulation (which was a problem i had before with procomp setup), good road holding and maintains the lift over time - very pleased with it.

On a normal day to day vehicle cant really comment.

from my experience though i would fit OME to any of my own vehicles again if the need arose.

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OME on my 110 all round excellent on road handling, very capable off road.


Thanks all for your input.

Headhunter, JST, do you have a double cardon propshaft on your landy. I believe the OME part catalogue mentions that this prop must be fitted to all defenders post 1998 if an OME suspension is fitted, otherwise you will experience vibrations


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nope, i have a std 90 front prop with early RR flanges on it (they were winder angle) but then it is an '84 reg. the problem with DC props and lifts seems to affect the narrower radius arm vehicles more IIRC. (the later ones).

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No standard prop.

No vibration problems recorded.

My 110 is a 1998 build, 1999 registered 300tdi.

Do they mean by post 1998 the TD5 which started production in 1998?



The catalogue just mentions " all defenders post 1998" require a DC prop.

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arr - that old chestnut...

Salesman - "yes sir, this lift kit is brilliant! Makes you into a driving god on and off road. Comes complete with castor corrected front arms to keep your steering geometry correct and extended brake lines."

Bloke - " no thanks, read on lr4x4 that a 2" lift probably wont screw up my steering self centering, and i might not need longer brake lines. I'll fit the kit and check thanks, i'd rather save my money and buy something useful than waste it on stuff I dont need".

Saleman - "Ignore all those pillocks who reckon they handle fine without castor correction, you HAVE to have these and they`re moderately priced when purcased with the lift kit." (bloke hands over money whilst salesman tries not to do an impression of Fagin and laugh)

2 weeks later.

Bloke - "errm, fitted your lift kit and castor corrected arms and i have loads of vibrations!"

Salesman - "yes sir, thats cos your diff nose no longer points at your transfer box output and your front prop is wobbling all over the place! I'm sure I told you about that possibility when i sold you the kit (snigger snigger snigger, Fagin hand ringing) What you need is one of our lovely double cardon prop shafts. It'll make the vibrations go away in a jiffy!"

Bloke - "well i'm stuffed without it i suppose - here's a massive wedge of cash i cant afford to give you on top of the massive wedge of cash i gave you for stuff i didnt need originally - but if it makes the vibes go away, so be it"

Salesman - "thank you kindly sir, I will see you again and thank you for paying for my summer holiday in greece - I MEAN THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!

(says under his breath as blokes walks back out) "see you very shortly when your non greasable / non rebuildable DC prop wears out and you come back for another (snigger snigger snigger, Fagin hand ringing)"

or am i being cynical again?

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