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Rear View Mirror

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I am wanting to do away with the rear view mirror on my 110 van

Is this an mot issue?

I could just put in on for the mot but certainly do not want to fail if i left it off.

Does any knowledgeable expert know the answer

Many thanks in advance


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For the MOT (UK RHD car) you need a mirror on the OS wing/door and one other mirror, either inside (a la centre mirror) or on the NS of the car. All mirrors should be intact and secure.

As a matter of curiosity, why do you want to remove the centre mirror? Do you carry something very scary in the back? Are your children ugly? Is it a macho thing? Do you find it in the way?


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LMAO :rolleyes:

What so funny Ozzie?

I removed my rear view mirror as I find it obstructs my view to the front / front left. It sat right at eye level meaning I'd have to duck to look out the left hand side of the windscreen. Also the fact that it had was magnified meant that with all the wobble and vibration you get in a Land Rover I couldn't see enough detail in it to make it useful.

I will be fitting a LCD screen wired to reversing camera when funds permit.

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I removed my rear view mirror as I find it obstructs my view to the front / front left

Sorry if this goes a bit off topic but this comment just makes me think of some of the little cars you see driving around at night with a Sat-Nav stuck right in the middle of the windscreen and all lit up like Blackpool seafront - How the hell can they not get pulled up for such a glaring distraction (no pun intended!)

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Thanks for the helpful information.

Just to finish the picture for Chris..........

I would like to remove the rear mirror as my girlfriend can't see out whilst she is attending to my needs sitting in the middle seat!! Seeing as I need her sitting in the middle to be most effective it seems the rear mirror must go!!

Thanks again everybody


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