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SSAB - high strength steel sheet & plate


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I am ordering 3mm thick Domex 700 Friday 1st May in the morning

The cost of freighting is quite high and to order 1 or 2 sheets is quite frankly a waste of time.

Therefore if any of you want some of this high strength material, now is the time to let me know so that I can place an order for all the types and thicknesses.

I will happliy slice sheets into regular rectangles on the lasers for free but the cost of freighting will be charged along with the pro-rata cost of material. Sheet sizes from SSAB do vary can be 3000x1250mm or 2000x1250mm or somewhere in between! So I would supply a minimum of 1250mm wide by 500mm increments along the sheet. I only really want to offer to LR4x4 members so don't go and post this on all other forums!

The SSAB website is here http://www.ssab.com/ Nick at the forge has now made his challenge truck and used 3mm Domex and would have used 1.5mm Docal 1000 if I could have supplied that grade. I can do a laser cutting service but pm me off the forum because there is a conflict of issues for me to use the forum for advertising. Guy apparantly had issues with drills being blunted at the forge whilst making Nick's truck, so remember this stuff is TOUGH and needs appropriate tools. Any questions pm me. Remember you have slightly less than 24 hours before I need to place a material order......................

I cannot offer freight outside of UK mainland, sorry for you Aussies!

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Nas is this a simular product to Hardox ?

Yes and no! Hardox is a wear resistant material, Domex and Docal are used more for fabrication. For example, Domex 700 for the chassis of an earth mover to reduce weight over a mild steel chassis, Docal for reduction in weight of cover panels and Hardox for good wear resistance in the bucket of the earth mover.

Hardox was in short supply last year and SSAB were only supplying their big customers. If you need Hardox then I would need to check tomorrow morning.

Check out the SSAB website above, all the material types are explained

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