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make sure you get one that has the 80 channels [40 uk & 40 Euro CEPT] because the UK cease to be in 2010, UK changes to the Euro 40 channels. any rigs from the above suppliers will do the job, depends on how much you want to spend & space in the cab.

might be best to go for the complete package --- cb radio/cable/antenna, setting up info on those 2 sites & in our tech archive, or give me a shout & I'll help fit/set it up :Dset up info

my CB is this one Midland 48+ multi

mine sits under the dash like this one but on the left hand side :D


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Another consideration is a CB with a front speaker so you can mount it in the dash. X-eng do an Intek model that I am considering to replace my Midalnd 48.

Nothing wrong with the Midland, I just want to mount my CB in my Mud Dash so need a front speaker as I am not going to mess around with a remote speaker.

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a nice thing is having a PA system, im not quite sure on how legal they are, but im off the road anyway and by gum are they fun, cows get properly confuzed. also make sure you get one which wont pick up the signals given off by the alternator, it whistles like a very loud and annoying turbo.


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