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Chassis Dimensions


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Typically im sitting here working on some design stuff for the d-lander (joys of being redundant i guess) and i forgot to take a measurement betweeen the chassis rails.

The chassis in use is a Range Rover Classic (so same as disco 1 and presumably same dims between rails as them all)

Can anyone help with a quick dim check, thanks.

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My 1991 RRC,

630mm front, between the bumper mounts

640mm centre, approx half way along the chassis

635mm rear, just behind the fuel tank

Just through I'd check everywhere to make sure -you know what these LR build tolerances are like :o

(the joy of working from home!)

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Is that normal inches or Britpart inches?


Are they more or less accurate than Land Rover genuine inches???? I've found the Land Rover chassis rails are about as straight as a bananna and easily vary by 5mm along their length. Generally I've been working on a 635mm distance between rails (and 715 between the centres of the rails) as that's about average and tweeking what remains of my rails to suit my tubework.

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Cheers everyone for the input - especially Will, always good to have a laugh :P

Andy - thanks mate, i have one under the car but didnt want to slog over the workshop and measure it "mid-flow", if i get stuck though i'll give you a shout.

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