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Defender Soft Tops: Where Do The Sun Visors & Mirror Attach?

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Sorry, but yet another soft top-related subject. I'm planning ahead here and some minor details are eluding me.

When converting from hard top to soft top, where do the sun visors and rear view mirror attach? Do they go on the header rail?

I must have about two million Land Rover photographs on my computer, but not one of them shows me what I'm trying to find out. I have also looked on the appropriate suppliers' websites, but no mention of this at all.

I have some photographs of soft top defenders and I can see sun visors fitted in some of them (but not how or where they are attached), but none of them seems to have a rear view mirror fitted. I know I could get a stick-on (should be known as a drop-off) one for the windscreen, but I would like to stick to using proper items, if indeed that is possible.

Also, whilst I'm on the soft top conversion subject, what would I need to do with the hard top's interior light wiring? Does it disconnect at one end and stay with the hard top, or will it need threading back through and stay attached to the wiring loom at the car end? I remember doing this with my Series III and it was a nuisance unthreading it. Just hoping Defenders are different in that department!

Thanks very much,


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Mirror and visors attach to the screen surround, the header rail clamps down onto the screen surround.

The missus is out in the 90 at the moment, I'l try and remember to take a photo for you later. If you have a look at All Wheel Trim's website, there is a photo or two showing the top of the screen. They are also a good source of some of the random parts/clips/brackets you'll need.

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Thank you both. That's handy being part of the screen surround. I haven't got a Defender here to look at, so it was a case of searching through pictures!

Eightpot, a photograph would be handy if you get the chance, thanks. I'll add it to the other two million Land Rover photographs in my folder. :)

David, yes, that would be the sensible option, but I don't like cutting wires and using non-original connectors. I'd rather get annoyed unthreading something than cut it off. :ph34r:


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