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Auto trans cooler pipes?

Steve 90

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What size pipes are you people with Auto box's running to your trans cooler??? Also Which box and engine are you running? whats it mainly used for? and do you get any cooling issues? Plus any other relevant info.



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-6 teflon braided pipe with a 10x16 derale cooler with fan on a 200tdi with HP22

at manby out the whole weekend the fan only cam on twice (switchs automaticaly @ 80c)

Thats strange, I had the exact same setup but with a V8. On a reasonably short run from cold it was getting dangerously close to the Max temp before damage. Being a brand new box from Ashcroft I was keen to be sure it didn't do that so stopped. You would have towed a caravan behind a Rangerover up the same strech of road quite happily on the original Bogbrush cooler which is far less efficient than the Derale one so I assumed it couldn't be the cooler.

What size INTERNAL bore where the original pipes on your Box Mike?

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what temp is it running at now then Steve?

mine sits at 80 off roading then rises to 90/110 deg C if on a long hill slog with the Fedimas on.

Even driving like a complete t*&t up the mountain road or on the long climbs in the wood with plenty of loud pedal (On 37" Boggers) its not been above 80 deg C since I changed the pipe work. Seems to sit happily at 70 most the time with normal driving and just the odd burst of throttle.

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What tends to get overlooked in these situations is that the bogbrush is a high flow cooler and many aftermarket ones are more restrictive.

Obviously your pipework upgrade has sorted the flowrate out sufficiently.

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I've always ran 1/2" bore pipe through a Mocal Oil cooler ( not sure how many rows, but about 9" square) with a 7" kenlowe.

Didn't very often get on the gauge which started at 55C even on the motorway it never got above 80C

Never had a problem with overheating,If anything it would run to cool, and that was coupled to a reasonably powerful 4.6 that got used as it should.

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This thread interests me greatly as I am the person who supplied Steve90 and SootySport with the -6 teflon which worked perfectly on one car and apparantly not on the other ( SAME-ISH ) CAR.

By default I have always used -6 teflon and never had a problem before - this includes comp safari, rally, track and road uses... it is simply 'always been that way' with almost all motorsport plumbing jobs....

Same size hose also goes onto R380 coolers

Out of interest what 1/2" bore gose are you using - are you sure it is suitable for ATF??

I shall keep reading this thread with interest - a survey of what size bore steel hoses are on your original factory fit coolers might be interesting as there seems to be 2 sizes.

There is alos 2 sizes of fitting in the ZF boxes. .

I shall watch with interest


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I use This stuff , not from them but that's the stuff.

Seems to be very good unless it get's very hot, in which case it just falls off the fittings if under any kind of pressure.

I opted for this because you can make up the hose's without any special tools and get them exactly the right length.

And it's a reasonable price.


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The std metal pipes were about 12.5mm ID , so thats why I thought it better to stay about the same with two wire 1/2" hose rather than restrict the flow with anything any smaller , The results im more than happy with . :)

David what size ID is -6 Teflon ?

Heres mine in an un crimped state ,


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All very interseting....

-6 teflon is 8.1mm bore.

I spoke today to my usual suppliers and also to Goodridge ( who I rarely buy from ). Both of these companies supply hose s right up to F1 sort of level of motorsport ( inc. WRC, F1, Formula everything, Le Mans)

Both had the same view on carrying ATF - it can only be done properly through teflon: even id the hoses mentioned elsewhere in this thread can cope with the chemical side of things the temps are very near to the max. The Aeroquip push on is up to 150'c which is fine but both companies have suspicions over its chemical abilities amd the pic featuring the black more 'hydraulic' style hose shows in the specs a max temp of 93-100'c

You don't have to be going that hot to get the fluid too near to this temp for comfort.

The teflon is impervious to ATF and will work all day at 240'c !!!

Fit what you like and if you are happy with what you use and have had no problemns then carry on by all means but if you want to know what is right for the job then as a supplier to all levels of different motorsport I can only recommend that you use stainless braided teflon hose....

Now the question is just down to what size?? -6 or -8??


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Wouldnt 8.1mm bore pipe be a lot more restrictive on flow as a 1/2" bore pipe and cause a heat build up .

I for one would not permit my Autobox to raise above 100 deg , That why the coolers and the flow rate are adequate for my application . If your reaching temps as high as 240, well your box is toast .

I have questioned the use of ATF through my hoses to my Hose supplier , Not a problem i am assured , after all we use the same hose grade on our cranes and earthmovers i have been told .

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Mine's been running hotter since I changed to a lower stall converter and threw a bit more grunt at it.

I'm running 6 AN braided which seems the standard size the Yanks use. I've gone from one Setrab cooler to two but it will still go to 230 deg f if I'm giving it some, drops back quickly though.

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