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110 Middle Row Seats

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Mrs. Haymaker has been rumbling a bit that, now that the little Haymakers are getting a bit bigger,the standard middle row seats in the old Landie are no longer cutting the mustard i.e. the seat backs are too low and the legroom is no longer sufficient.

So I checked out the Exmoor site to see what options are available but before I commit to a pretty hefty spend I thought I'd take some counsel from my learned friends on this forum.

I've got a couple of questions.

1. Are the classic high back seats any good? i.e. are they comfortable and of a good quality.

2. As legroom is an issue will I require the recliner frame? Will this buy me another couple of inches and in general is the recliner frame a good purchase?

Any expereiences you can relate would be gratefully accepted.


The Haymaker

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I fitted the original version of the 2nd row hi-back seats years ago along with the extension kit,they are a vast improvment on the LR original seats.I don't have any photo's to put up so you can see them in place, the backs still fold & then the whole seat can roll forward just as the LR seats, these reuse the LR seat frames.

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I ripped the 2nd row out and replaced them with a fabircated seatbox (which gives loads of handy storage) and a pair of standard front seats:



The under seat storage adds loads of extra capacity, makes me wonder why LR didn't do it that way in the first place :rolleyes:

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Thanks to all respondents so far.

The vehicle is a Heritage special edition and although I'm not a purist I would like to try and retain as many of the features as I can - within reason. This means a seating solution in green vinyl to "match" the Heritage green leather. Installing RRC seats, although no doubt a more financially sensible idea, is probably a bridge too far.

However, I do quite like the idea of the Exmoor seats with the extension kit. The recliner frame costs a bomb and if I can get what I'm looking for without it then I'll be happy.

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ExmoorTrim no longer sell direct, but through dealers such as Trakkers [click the links below]

the current hi-back 2nd row seats http://www.trakkers.co.uk/classic-high-back-1250-0.html [no option for Geen vinyl or leather though, see drop menu on top left]

seat extension kit http://www.trakkers.co.uk/2nd-row-extension-kit-934-0.html [for use with the standard 3 indivdual seat frame, not 60/40 seat frame]

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