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Tyre balancing beads

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Yes, I put the thread up on here but have'nt used them yet-I do have them in the garage and when I get my new tyres then I will use them as I use mach5's as my everyday wheels as they're a real PITA to balance the amount of info that was put onto the thread was excellent-Thanks to all that put information onto the thread it was very welcome.


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They help, but my 33x13.50R15 Mudzillas are still far from balanced. The fact the tyres aren't round is the main problem. I've not tried them in anything else, I prefer to get normal tyres balanced normally, the beads were a last ditch attempt when 1/2 kilo of lead on each front wheel failed!!

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Used ceramic airsoft balls in a 265 x 75 Insa Turbo. Worked perfectly, even on te front at all speeds upto 65mph. I put in more than the chart on the balancing beads website suggest, but when you can buy thousands of the buggers for peanuts I erred on the side of caution.

Definitely worth a punt.

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