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new to the series world


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ok guys i have a freelander and have been on that forum, but i am new to the series world. i have bought a 1972 109 series witha 200tdi engine on standard box and a terrible 5" lift which i will be getting rid of.

never have involvement on landy's so i am a newbie to it. I gave £1100 for the vehicle, do you think that price is ok given engine has 115k and it needs a few niggly bits doing? just want to be sure i am not being ripped off. (not collected vehicle yet).

(it has cab conversion with it too, so thinking of fitting that to make it a pick up)






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The huge lift does spoil it - mostly because of the tiny tyres that it has fitted at present. Bigger tyres would make a huge difference to it, but you may have issues with the tyres rubbing at the front bumper/wing bottom edge by the looks of it.

Corrosion is the biggest thing with these older vehicles - rear crossmember, bottom of the chassis at the rear where it curves up towards the bump stop, and on top of the chassis rail - anywhere in the rear 3/4 of the chassis. If the chassis is good, then the money sounds ok.


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As everyone knows, 109's are the the perfect Land Rover :P

From the pictures you've posted that thing looks like an abortion, sorry to be so frank, but I'd want to look at everything on that truck in great detail because I would not trust anything that's been done to it by the sort of idiot who did that lift or that engine conversion. If the chassis & bodywork are in reasonable nick and the engine is OK then the rest can be sorted out, but if I bought that truck I would want to take the whole thing apart and put it back together properly before driving it anywhere.

If you can post more pictures then we can laugh offer more helpful advice.

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If you can post more pictures then we can laugh offer more helpful advice.

The ugliest lift in the world, by far!

A few comments from the pictures:

The intercooler will do virtually nothing where it is, apart from making it impossible to get to the front of the engine.

The heater won't work (the big pipe from the fan to the heater box is missing)

At a 5" lift with wheel spacers in (I think), I'd also wonder how well set the steering geometry is and what state the wheelbearings are in too. If you haven't driven it at road speeds round a few corners do it before you hand over the money.

The exhaust routeing is non-standard and rubbish (made me think it was on coils :ph34r: )

I also spy with my little eye a scotchlock connector - be afraid of the wiring, very afraid indeed.

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So the list so far is:

- re-do engine conversion

- re-do all the plumbing & exhaust

- re-do all the wiring

- re-do the suspension (and associated bits like steering/propshafts)

- probably paint it a nicer colour & remove the fugly wheel arch spats

- pull the halfords bucket seats out and put something practical/comfortable/vaguely usable back in.

I shudder to think what the inside looks like.

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Well going by the fact the ting has no wipers and front lights missing there is no way it can have an MOT.

Hate to think what the failure list would look like.

I'm with JU on this one - thats horrible! I also love the way they didnt even manage to put the wheel arches on straight!


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Well going by the fact the ting has no wipers, front number plate, rear view mirror and front lights missing there is no way it can have an MOT.

A few additions ...

I also missed the

standard steering box

bit. :blink: on those tyres?

FF - the colour's the best bit!

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Those tyres aren't particularly big, it's just the car is stupidly tall. Probably not much bigger than the 7.50's it came from the factory with.

I've never seen a metallic series that looked good, and "painted from a rattle can" doesn't help either.

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Steady on guys... let the poor guy have a chance!

Hi Ash & welcome.

The one (and best) thing you have done is ask q's of the right people, please forgive us if we sometimes get a bit carried away when commenting on seemingly inferior or unknown workmanship. The truck you've shown us has been modified in a way that is bound to upset the "traditionalists", but that is probably the best reason for owning one - making it your own!

Now, I'd say it has a Spring-Over-Axle conversion, which is unusual in the UK (and not liked too well) but is relatively common in the USA. The leaf springs instead of going below the axle are repositioned above, so you gain a lift equivalent to the thickness of the spring pack + the diameter of the axle tube.

Ahhh, now I see. Looking at the pictures again there are a few give-aways as to why this might have been done, anyone else spot them...


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Well done Jon.

I guess its got the SOA conversion on coiler axles to move the springs away from the track rod. That also explains why the arches are fitted, to cover the wider wheel track.

I suppose what concerns me most is why the original "owner" didn't explain any of this to the OP when he bought the car!!!

I'll probably get flamed for this but... I actually like it :ph34r:

If it had the sprigs put back where they belong and a decent gearbox fitted, then it has the makings of a decent motor IMO. BUT I think you'd need a sound understanding of landrover engineering to take it on successfully.

Ash, please come back and tell us more... did you go through with the purchase?



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hiya guys, ita all ok i have been involved in enough forums to know that you have to take 2 pages of abuse before you get the actual answers :D

anyways unfortuantely my central heating has packed up so had to pull out of the sale as need an entire new system unfortunately :(.

maybe a good thing i guess as said i have worked on cars but mainly been mini's etc never been down the land rover path which is why i come to you lot first as you will spot things i am yet to find out about.

and from what you have listed it may cost a little more in time and ££ than i have to give at this moment, and if the axels have been changed, along with the engine etc I am running the risk of not hitting the required 8 points for tax exempt i guess.#

so for the time been I still have my freelander and i can now try starting to save up again and maybe get one early next year or something :)

thanks for pointing out the bits guys, I hadnt spotted them and sure this beast would have ended up costing far more money than i have to give at this moment in time.

i will still be lingering around the freelander forum anyway :D

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It's only abuse if it's unfounded - as it is I think you've dodged a bullet as that truck would either have been awful, or cost you a lot of time & money to make good.

Why not off-road your freelander, or buy a 2nd one and run that? They're vastly underrated, with the ETC and a decent set of tyres they go a lot of places, and they're cheap to run, the heater works, the seats are comfy... :P

If you've never driven a Series before, I strongly suggest trying one before you buy it, they are not the same as a "normal" car and you either love them or hate them.

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thanks fridge :), i would off road the freelander but its my wife's and dont think she would be too happy about it :D and dont fancy my chances of getting far in my saab :P.

I have driven a series before my uncle had one and now has a 90 which i have also driven and must say i loved both, i must just be a sucker for punishment i guess.

i am however getting slightly drawn to a disco as seemt o be able to get a more 'complete' vehicle for your money and i would really like to attempt building a G4 replica as i love the colour :D.

will continue to save up anyway

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