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Disco TD5 collapsed rear air suspension

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my TD5 disco has totally collapsed both sides at rear. Air springs should be good as each one has been changed over last year when separately they got overnight leaks.

#The self levelling stopped working and the suspension gradually went down and has now bottomed out on both sides rear. It does not pump up on the dash switch either.....suspect the air pump?

I can not hear or feel the pump running if I lay under car with it idling, but why would the residual pressure in the system leak out to let it collapse..a valve?

I checked the fuse which is for ABS and Air suspension by steering wheel and its good but I believe there is also a 30amp fusable link somewhere?? where is that?

It has had the 3 amigos on for a while but that is always the rear right ABS sensor when I reset it but i mention it in case somebody says the air pump wont work if it senses a fault on the ABS circuit.

Any guidance on what and how to check gratefully received.

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I gave up and converted to springs so I have a spare compressor if needed,just have to take it off car.

ok, let me know when its off and how much if I need it...too far to collect. I would rather keep the air as I tow a car trailer a bit and it is nice to keep level! also useful to raise when grounding the hitck/draw bar in large dips on tracks etc.

I look forward to hearing advice on what to check how.

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You can force compressor to work with hawke eye it will also give faults if compressor fails to work when sls ecu asks it to I don't know where the fusable link is but there is 1 as I have seen part listed for sale

both sides can go down from 1 leaky bag as it tries to compansate and keep things level I had this happen and compressor timed out or cut out with a thermal trip type thing left car an hour and went back and up it went found 1 x leaky bag swaped it and hey presto fine ever since

from my limited knoledge compressors normaly fail from over use from dealing with leaks left unmended for too long


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I have had no known leaks until this collapse and it stayed up overnight both sides.

That said I have just got the car pumped up with another compressor fitted...I only put the compressor in, no solenoids etc. It did not come up after leaving it days even to reset any trips.

The link is in the box under the bonnet, as is relay I have found.

My concern now is it seems to settle very slightly on the left when left...and if I put my ear to the compressor I can hear a light ticking like air is leaking out when it is parked/turned off. I will see what it does overnight but wonder if a solenoid is leaky?

I assume these solenoids let air out too when the suspension is lowered?? so therefore could develope a very slight leak.

I got my Hawkeye as it happens today...but not unlocked it.

Thanks for your help people..

Is the very faint tick normal from the compressor after switch off?

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Update....one side totally down!

So I wonder if I have one faulty solenoid blocker valve. I assume it is operated to let air pump up OR let air down. Looking at the system there is no reason why a collapse one side should equal out to the other side. Each side has its own solenoid blocker valve.

I also guess my solenoid could have packed up during the day I was towing a car trailer around giving the system extra work and the pump ran for too much to keep me pumped up causing failure of that too.

am I right in my assumptions how this system works?

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hello. I have a suspension issue which is baffling me. Disco 2 53 plate. The issue is the rear suspension is dropping to the stops on both sides and won't inflate on its own. If I use the dash button it will inflate fully with no problem and holds air on both sides overnight. Would a faulty ride height sensor cause this as I can't understand why it will pump up from the dash, hold air but not automatically as it should.

Thanks in advance....


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Hi Andy, Have you done any work at the back end that may have caused it to go out of calibration? Do you have acces to diagnostics to try and re-callibrate it?

Griff (Too far away!)

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Hi Griff. I have not recently done any work underneath the truck or had any reason for it to go out of calibration. It failed when the wife and I had been for a short drive to a local spot. The road we drove down was uneven, but not any worse than I have been on in the past. The last time I worked on the underside was 18 months ago to weld a patch on the chassis.

I've purchased a pair of sensors as a matter of cause and also an ABS sensor as the 3 amigos have now appeared also. My brother in law has a snap on diagnostic which is fairly new and plugged it in for me last week. It threw up 2 faults as rear left sensor electrical fault. To my knowledge there are only the two sensors on the rear (abs and ride height) so I'm hoping it will sort it. I'm not sure if his diagnostic can calibrate the height when I've changed them, but I have a local independent garage that can do it if needed (for a cost of course!)

I will let you know what happens when I carried out the work which will hopefully be tomorrow.


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Update..... 2 new ride height sensors fitted today.....seems to have cured the problem. Although clean enough to look at, passenger side had nearly siezed up and was very stiff when removed. Also had a bit of a job getting the bolts out and one of them on the trailing arm snapped. Hammered out easily enough and replaced. Next job, another ABS sensor but that's for another day as I've earned a beer now!!


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On 5/29/2020 at 6:51 PM, Andrew hazeldine said:

My ride height as dropped lower than normal but when I tried to press the button inside the vehicle to raise the height nothing happened and I can't here the pump working either, does any one no of this fault thanks 


First thing I'd check are the fuse/s and relay. Should be in the handbook and fuse lids covers.

If the bags are leaking the compressor will be working overtime and will cut out to save damage. It'll need re-setting with diagnostics.


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