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200TDi recommended oil

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im currently using Halfrauds 10w/40 part synthetic diesel oil, havent been for long though

i was on castrol magnatec 10w/40 B3 diesel before which was fine as well

havent noticed any difference as of yet between the two.

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I used 10W40 mineral (anything but halfords!) for all the time I had my 200tdi (around 90k miles). Didn't see the point in spending extra on semi or full synthetic, as I changed the oil every 3-5k miles.

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Halfords Diesel 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic for me, and I change it every 4,000 or 5,000 miles rather than the reccomended 6,000 due to the conditions under which it's used.

Shows how oil technology has come on since the early 90s, oil service mileages are much higher now with the modern protection elements.

A friend of mine had a Renault 5 in which he changed the oil once in 90,000 miles!

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