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90 front axles - stub axle bearing and seal

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I have an early 90 on coils. Stripped front axles following Les's excellent article in tech archive. When I removed the drive flange lots of oil poured out so I presume the seal at the back of the stub axle is leaking? No problems with strip down :lol: (gob-macked reading some of the horror stories about corroded nuts, etc.) but need some help with the stub axle. Can I replace the rear oil seal on the stub axle with the needle roller bearing in place? How do I get the needle roller bearing out? If I take it out will I be able to put it back or will it need replacing (seems to be in good condition)? Can anyone tell me where to find the main axle part number (I realise that I may have a 'hybrid' axle built from parts off different date axles)?

PS: Will also replace hub oil seals although they seem to be OK and the bearings are OK as well.

Thanks, Graham

Sorry forgot to add that swivel hub is Railko type so expected to see phospher bronze bush at back of stub axle (not needle roller). Is this a possible upgrade or can I expect to find more differences from the original axle? (10 splines on diff end of half shaft with 24 splines on outer end of CV joint - not pulled CV from shaft as it seems to be in good nick also.

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personally i wouldnt replace that oil seal. there are many people (myself included) who actually purposefully remove that seal. That way the diff oil fills up the hub and the bearings swim in a nice ocean of ep90 and never dry out and go crusty and fail.


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it should be ok to leave out (or in your case, ignore) the seal between the stub axle and swivel housing, as while the oil level is higher, assuming the gaskets on the drive flange are in good order the oil cant really go anywhere.

As Nige says though, the swivel ball to axle case seal you want to leave alone, as otherwise you'll drain the swivel housing into the axle case.

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There is zero problem with leaving the seal out between the swivel and axle. The trick it to overfill the axle a bit by lifting one wheel a couple of inches. Mal Story of Maxi-Drive started doing this decades ago and it has never caused a problem.

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