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roof tents any new advice please


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hi any advice about tents good ,bad .Also supplers good ,bad etc thanks.


I have the 1.4 Ezi Awn on my 110, have used Ezi Awns for years and personally think they are the best on the market, mine has been used in tropical thunder storms, to dust storms in the desert. Never had any problems that it has not stood up to, all zips etc are still as good as new, it gets used for 10 weeks a year, plus odd weekends in the UK.

The only fault i have ever had with these tents are the covers, they have all split on at least one of the corners, but nothing that a bit of gaffer tape has not sorted out.

We tried a Maggiolina a few years ago for a season but hated it with a passion after the Ezi Awn, yes it was simple to put up and the ability to leave your bedding inside was a great bonus, but very limited space compared to the Ezi Awn especially if you need to get in with wet/muddy clothing, nowhere to put it out of the way as the tents not long enough. Plus it takes up all of your roof rack hardly any space left for all the other carp i like to carry etc.

A few years ago we were in Africa in extreme weather (thunder storms very high winds etc), anyway their were 5 Land rovers all with tents on top, at the end of the storm the only tents that were left were 2 Ezi Awns and a Hannibal, a Brownchurch and another make (cant remember name) basically were blown apart.

As for suppliers they will pretty much all be the same with warranty etc, buy at a show if possible they usually have better prices especially at the bigger shows on the last day.



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Try doing a search as this question comes up a couple of times a year. Try Google to start with and it should bring up loads of threads including some from this forum.

I recall you will find some interesting debates as to the options and personal preferences.


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What do you need the tent for? and I know you will now say sleeping in.....


Weekend Camping?


I think usage and frequency is the first factor, I picked up a "Prime Tech" tent from ebay, some guy had got it with the Disco he had just brought and didn't want it, I picked it up for £150, which was a bargin. It is great quality I Know not the best but more than enough for me, i've used it on overland trips down to Morroco etc and it has stood up in atlantic gales on a campsite by the sea in France. As with many the cover is not great, I could get a new one but I have repaired with tape...

I have looked at some of the more expensive ones and whilst they are great quality I probaly use mine for less than 4 weeks a year, and have not taken it around the world, if I was I would consider spending more money and going for a slightly bigger tent with shower skirt etc.

I also picked up an Eezi Awn awning from ebay it has the full surrond which add a great room to the side of the landy were we can eat and shelter if the weather turns, it's my second awning I started with a Caravanstore one first and they are great just to add that bit of shelter for eating and resting etc, and makes it feel less like you are sitting in the middle of a field espicialy when not on a campsite.


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I have a Serengeti canvas roof tent from myway roof tents. Its great as its easy to pack/unpack and the bag covers the entire tent when closed as opposed to others that just cover the top(this stops ingress). We keep our bedding in the tent as well so this also saves space in the vehicle.

What ever tent you get make sure you understand how easy it is to put up and put down when its raining hard! One that requires you to climb ontop of the vehicle isnt nice when its sideways rain. With the Myway I can put it away in a couple of minutes. Have a look at them at the up coming shows and ask to see them being packed away/opened and you will soon make a balanced judgement on what works for you.


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Another vote for Myway Roof tents

i have an Evolution roof tent and have been very pleased with it

has got wet beyond belief yet dries in minutes

see them at the shows this year and have a look

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Hi members thanks for advice so far any more ideas etc appereated. Intending to put it on top of trailer in the style of a my way trailer thanks again.

If you want the whole camper tent thing, I would say look to Oz/SA, when starting my trailer build I did look at this and it was far cheaper to import one from over there.


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Go to one of the shows this year and have a good nose around, you need to find one that suits what you want to do with it. Our Myway is over 5 years old and has been used more than frequently (icluding living in it for 5 1/2 months everywhere from Alaska to Death Valley) and it's just had a replacement zip and base...which we've sorted ourselves - not bas really! :)

If your putting it on a trailer then Id recommend a trailer spcific tent that way you get your living area - a big bonus on rainy days. Again, Myway make some awesome ones which we'll hopefully be buying next year to accomodate sprog and dog :) Go have a chat with Paul and tell him Jen and Dan sent you. My Way

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Maggi gets my vote. it has its limitations on the space front but they are strong, waterproof and easy to put up/down on your own if needed. they take a fair bit of rack space if its a 110 there is still space behind them for more stuff/boxes/highlift etc. a bit more limited on a 90!

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Hi i also have an ezi-awn and like other think they are brilliant. Very chunky zips and tough fabric, only let down is like others say, the cover. I got qyoted £250 for a genuine ezi-awn replacement cover but in the end got one made locally for £80.

A friend of mine has a myway on his 90 which he says is rather good although after 2 years he says an entry and cover zip need replacing.

Good point was made about going to a show and having a look for yourself and keep eyes peeled on ebay now theres low demand.

Hope this helps.


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