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Has anyone used this chap for a 200tdi conversion exhaust pipe?

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Do any of you guys know this chap (he could even be on the forum?)...

I'm looking at this conversion pipe for my 200tdi swap...just wondered wht they are like?



I bought a whole package from this seller last year for my disco 200tdi into a 110 project.

It was cheaper than the "Steve Parker" kit at the time, and it came with the intercooler pipes, exhaust bits etc, and all seemed very good.

The exhaust 'elbow' was my only concern, and there is very little clearance between the exahaust and the bulkhead, but it seems fine.

The old addage, 'You get what you pay' for may apply here, as my friend who did the same conversion went the Steve Parker route, and there's very little between the two.

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Looks ok, but the steve parker one here:


has smoother curves, so i might be inclined to go with that as i would have thought the gasflow would be better on the steve parker one than the ebay one. The ebay one is cheaper though.

post-5542-127482246245_thumb.jpg there is next to no curve on the one i made but keeps up with 300tdi so no loss of power

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I juts got one of these from that guy Andy - (not steve parks) he was great, the "defender" type didn't fit my 90 so he sent me a series IIa one that had some tighter angles, that fitted a dream. Really helpfull chap too.


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Maverick - Was there any specific reason why it didn't fit on yours?

Yeah, for some reason it clashed with the bracket where the clutch pipe turns into a hose, you can just see it in the top left corner of the photo.

Andy (the guy that makes them) said that about 1 in 6 that he supplied this happend, evidently it was associated with bulkhead changes and other changes that just shifted the clearances a bit.

The 2a model he produces is pretty much identical except its a little more compact between the bulkhead and the turbo outlet (the first curviture down the way), that one fitted up perfectly.

You can just bend/cut the bracket for the clutch and move it out the way, but I didn't want the faff of having to make more mess in the engine bay.

I'm quite pleased with it, ok its not a super curved, air flow optimised pipe, but its better than what was on before.

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Fair enough.

I'm hoping mine is one of the "5 in 6". I'll soon find out.

Ordered one anyway. Just awaiting delivery. How soon do you think I will get it? I'm itching to get started on it!

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I've recently fitted one of these kits when installing a 200tdi in my 1988 Ninety. The instructions that came with the downpipe said that the clutch pipe on the bulkhead would need to be moved a few inches to the right - so that's what I did. Shame I didn't know the Series one would have fitted without this mod!

But just to add to what everyone else has said - it's a nicely made pipe and the price is right.


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