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300 tdi camshaft pulley

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I'm about to replace the camshaft oil seal ,is there anything to be aware of when removing the pulley ? should it be done with the timing pins in place ?

should the belt come off first ? Is it really as simple as the workshop manual indicates ?

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this thread sjould help

you'll have to timing pin the engine & remove the belt to get the cam pulley off to change the seal.

Thanks western but les mentions crankshaft pulley removal,but not camshaft pulley removal.So just to be clear

1. I position the timing pins in the IP and wading plug hole for flywheel.

2.make sure crankshaft woodruff key is at 12 o'clock

3.check timing marks on cam pulley and rear casing.

4.remove belt.

and then I can undo the bolt on the cam pulley and remove it ,right ?

I need assurances before I can carry on (although it's a good excuse to watch the grand prix)

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I'm replacing the timing belt and when i opened the the casing i noticed oil contamination i'm pretty sure it's the crankshaft seal which i was going to replace anyway so i may as well do the camshaft shaft seal at the same time.Is it a common failure and can it be done without the special tools ?

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I'd just get something like Tippex or a touch up stick or a light felt tip and mark the edge of the belt and pulleys before you take it apart, 2 on the crank pulley. Then you know you can put it all back exactly as it came off. Lock the pump and crank in position as per a belt change. I think you'd be wise to slacken the 3 bolts clamping the pump pulley to the hub when you are putting it back and retighten, but it would probably be OK without - I can't see how anything will alter. I'd just check the marks are all correct too - just because they're the same as they were doesn't mean they are right. And if you are doing the crank seal, get the O- ring that goes behinsd the pulley as well - it won't break the bank.


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