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OT: Burning a DVD

Ben Jordan

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Hello all,

I need a couple of clips burning onto a DVD for a presentation i have to do at work. I do not have a DVD burner and the people i know that do, have not yet been able to successfully burn a DVD that will play in a standard DVD player. The total time for both these clips is about 2 minutes.

Is there anybody out there that can help with this problem?

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You can use Nero Vision Express to burn those clips on to Dvd Disk. Tried it and it works on standard PS2 and couple of multi region dvd players. I see you in kiddie? Greg.

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Why not just burn them to a rewriteable cd ? Aweful waste of a DVD for two small clips.

I did not think rewritable will play on all dvd players, plus I had a slightly scratched disc so I give it a go and luckly it recorded and played back no probs. Greg

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According to the local Computer Shoppe, DVD-R are more compatible with cheapo players and DVD+R with the expensive ones.

I use DVD-R with no problems, use Nero Express to burn stuff. People have a point though - most DVD players will play a VCD, and although the quality's not DVD neither is the quality of your original clips so it won't notice.

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