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Range Rover

Les Brock

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As in where is it supposed to be ?

A picture would really help at this point

The Man from the ministry is visiting soon and I have to prove the Chassis number,

Now it's a 73 Vintage was rusty as hell when I got it with no dodgy grinder marks, I had it shot blasted once it was stripped down and welded up etc and I've never seen a number on it :blink:

Have they always been numbered ?, as far as I can tell its supposed to be........in front of the spring mount but which side ?

I cleaned mine right back to the bare metal both sides, no mean task (3 coats of Galvafroid, chassis black, underseal and Waxoyll....did'nt want to do it again... :lol: )

and the chassis is cleary pitted were it was rusty but no fuppin number......Hhhhheeeelllllllpppppppppppppp ! ! !.... :blink:

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Hmm... that's not where the number is on my Ninety. Maybe I should shut up at this point because LRs are different / I'm mistaken / mine's a ringer, but it's further down the leg, on the extended bit where the "dumb iron" pokes forward under the bumper to take the LR 4ft screw jack thing.

On the bit that RRs probably don't have.

Ignore me.

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