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is this 110 a good buy?

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If it's as good as it looks I'd say it's a good price, but I'd worry that it's almost too nice for the money. I'm very wary of anything "fully rebuilt", it's a phrase that rarely means what it should. At that age, I'd be on the lookout for shiny paint & chequerplate hiding filler in a rusty bulkhead, crusty doors/sills, smart carpets and trim hiding hiding years of abuse, and waxoyl hiding rust in the chassis.

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Just a few things i'd consider...

1991 - 300tdi??? it must have had an engine transplant sometime, also no wing air intake vents, possibly suggesting it was a N/A once in its life...? or it had the wing replaced and it sucks its air in from under the bonnet...

I'd be a little wary with this, for a truck with that potential age... the bulkhead could have some very convincing repairs until you look a bit closer.

Also for a 1990/91 I'd expect it to have had a 2.5ltr Diesel Turbo... Just some thoughts after falling into a rather deep pit from funnily enough a pistonheads purchase.

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It is a 20 year old truck. It's a lot of money for a 20 year old truck.

It looks great in the pictures and it seems to have had a fair bit of work into it.

If it really has had that amount of work done , then it has been a labour of love. 'Cos at that price he isn't making any money on it.

A friend rebuilt his 1990 110csw a few years back. Galv chassis, 300tdi conversion, ashcroft gearbox exchange, new doors all round, new bulkhead, full paint, alloys etc. Total cost ~£9000

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