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ProComp ES9000 Shock Washers


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I read in one of Les's replies to a similar question than that answer was with the shock instructions. If there were any, I didn't read them (or even see them, honest!). So, can anyone tell me the correct orientation for the shock washers on ProComp ES9000's? The two photos attached are from the rear (sorry one is a bit fuzzy), but I'm also looking for advice on the front pair.

For ease of description, the picture named IMG_5618 has the washer cone inwards towards the bushes, and is the car's right hand side (RHS). The other (which is how I first installed them) has the washer cones pointing away from the bushes and is currently the LHS.

Thanks for any advice.

post-11857-074148400 1282852151_thumb.jpg

post-11857-019434600 1282852164_thumb.jpg

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Please find a picture of the correct way to fit the Pro Comp washers taken from the manufactures brochure as I described in an earlier post . Please check other peoples cars especially those ones that are are still in original condition or modified by a true Professional and you will find them as I have said and as in the picture . Regards Jonathan

post-20651-086450400 1283072984_thumb.jpg

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Thats fine if its a road going car, but you'll find fairly quickly that if you have any degree of articulation beyond what landrover intended then you will simply bust your dampers. Sometimes its worth listening to people who have learned the hard way.

The way of the textbook is not always the path to follow :ph34r:


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