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Body Cappings........Again

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Im trying to locate 1-piece body cappings for a 110 van that doesnt cost £eek

I called a guy on ebay who was breaking a few landrovers. Unfortunately he had sold them but he mentioned that he noticed a company advertising in the back of landrover world magazine that offered galvy cappings for all models of landy. My local paper shop sold out of LRW so i wondered if someone could possibly confirm if this is correct? Cheers


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If your old ones only have minor surface rust, then why not get them shot blasted and then galvanised? Shot blasting won't take more than 10 minutes or so at an industial blasters and could be done for a few notes (based on past experience with radius arms etc). Galvanising is unlikely to be much more either. If you able to have the vehicle off the road, I reckon you could easily have it done with plenty of change from £50.

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Having had all my cappings plus several other parts cleaned & galvanised just a couple of months ago I can confirm that it is not an expensive solution at all and you will easily have change from the £50 already mentioned.

Last year I asked Ashtree how much they would charge to galvanise my cappings and they quoted me a figure of well over £100 (I think it was about £140 but I can't remember exactly) so the DIY route is a very good option. All you need to do now is find a galvanisers, I used East Anglian Galvanising in Cambs and was very impressed.

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