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front propshafts

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Be aware that it's not just a case of whether they will fit when the vehicle is sitting still. They also have to still fit when the suspension is at maximum and minimum extensions while moving at speed. The consequences of them being too long or short in these circumstances should be obvious!


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When I was doing the uj's on a friends of mine's 300 tdi disco I found that the front prop had a different size uj on one end and then looked at what would fit in my garage-I found one of the prop's off of my 200 tdi 90 fitted it-this means now that when i get to do the job again I'll be able to fit normal 90/110 uj's onto that prop, the only downside to the disco set up is it still has that damned doughnut on the back end of it which luckily I replaced with a decent make of one (can't remember which make now blink.gif) so that will hopefully last out the rest of it's days seeing as she only uses it for dragging horses about and daily driving



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disco/rangey front props will fit 300/td5 90/110's, but not the earlier trucks as the engine sits further back and the prop is longer.

I suspect JBS has found that a 200tdi 90 REAR prop fits the front of a disco, however its 15mm shorter than the proper item, and isnt phased correctly to run on the front axle, so thats not really a good idea.

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There have been changes to things like the seal/boot on the slip joint, also a couple of different uni-joint sizes have been used in some models, so changing either of those would involve a different part number for the prop shaft. But those may not necessarily prevent interchange.

The important thing is to have the correct closed and open length, and substituting a narrow yoke when a wide yoke is required could give problems (vibration or binding on maximum suspension droop). AFAIK the flange details (bolt centres, spigot diameter) were not changed (except t/case end of disco II).

I haven't compared those particular prop shafts directly so don't take this post as a yes you can without a proper comparison.

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