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Truck? When did a Freelander become a Truck? :unsure:

My wife picked up her Freelander today (06 5-door TD4 HSE) and it confirmed my original thoughts that it is DEFINATELY a ladies vehicle. Tic

I am only 6-foot tall but I have to make a conscious effort to bend my head when getting in/out otherwise I bash my head. My head brushes the roof very slightly when sitting the the drivers seat (maybe it will let me sit a little lower when it has worn in?) and I have to stoop in the seat to read the top of the instruments as even with the wheel in the highest position it blocks my view (anything over 50MPH can't be seen). Of course being only 5ft 4in my wife does not have any of these problems hence my reasoning that it is a ladies car. ;)

Looks nice though and Stornoway Grey is one of my favourate colours but I think I prefer my 90.

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Whether it is legal or not I don't know but it is very inconveniant, thankfully I shouldn't be driving it much. I am guessing that the 3-door might be different again because of the different design of the seat but we never tried one of those?

My wife has got to grips with it straight away as apart from the height even the 5-door model is smaller than the Saab she just sold and of course you get at same elevated driving position of any similar vehicle. It is a shame that even the HSE has a lower spec & build quality than the Saab, some of the things she had got used to in that she will miss or find an irritation. The lack of refinement in my 90 is understandable but in a HSE it seems a bit like penny pinching. There is also a lot of cheap looking plastic inside the Freelander but that said, it is amazingly quite & creak/rattle free when moving which is something some other manufacturers could learn from or will these appear as the mileage increases?

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Had a poke around in my wife's Freelander earlier today and took a peak under the front seats so see if there was any reason why they sat so high (didn't know if it was the upholstery or the mountings that made them such a pain to sit in). Found what looks like an Amp under the passenger one and the CD-Changer under the driver, what (if anything) is fitted in this space on vehicles not fitted with these items?

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