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fuel tank plans with light competing in mind

ricky tango

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right bit of an odd one but here goes ,

ive got a bobtail 3.9 rrc

it had an alloy underslung 30 ltr tank which was too small and i wanted to fit a rear winch so

i now have this



now my plan is to build a chequer plate box around this with a hinged lid so that i can refuel the car as its got a screw cap in the top of the tank is this going to be acceptable in the likes of challenger awdc comps next year or does it still have to be outside the cab , the tank has a needed filler bowl with run off pipe and all pipe run out under the vehicle with a vent pipe outside the rear quarter with one way valve

my only other option if this has to be outside the cab is to pickup the truck which isn't my first option

btw battery box has a lid too btw

so whats people views as i need to get this done so that its ready to get caged

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For MSA regs the problem you will have is (K)6 which states:

6. Tank fillers and caps must not protrude beyond the bodywork or be situated within the driver/passenger compartment. The caps must have an efficient locking action to reduce the risk of opening during an accident and to ensure closing after refuelling (14.1.2). Air vents must be at least 25cm to the rear of the cockpit and must be designed to prevent the escape of fuel should the vehicle be inverted. It is recommended that a non return valve is incorporated in the vent system.

The "normal" way around this in your situation is to either route the filler to the outside of the vehicle or to encase the tank and it's filler in a second skin that effectively isolates it from the passenger compartment. You need to then make a sealable "hatch" over the filler that you can remove while you fill the tank and then reseal it.

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Following on from the snippet that Dave W has provided, it's well worth making the 'important components' visible. Scrutineers will not take your word that there is a one-way valve is fitted - they will want to see it...

I will PM you re the cage...


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