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Which would you choose - help please


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Hi all, I am new to the forum, I am looking for a second hand Disco TD5, only have £7000 to spend and have had TD5's since they first came out in 1999. Have a W reg which has done 165,000 miles and am looking to upgrade. I have looked at a 53 plate (nov 2003) 7 seater, auto, black cloth interior in met red with 113k on the clock. I like it a lot and it is 6k. Also seen a 2003 (03) 7 seater auto with cloth int with only 77k on the clock BUT when I went to drive it, it was wandering all over the road with about 8 inches of play in the steering wheel. On closer inspection there was a big leak from the steering box, the sellers are getting it mended but my mechanic says if it is only replaced with a pattern part or a recon box it will not last long. I can't see the seller wanting to fork out for a LR part? The lower mileage Disco is £7500. Am leaning towards the 53 plate red one what would you folks do???

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Take your time, dont rush into something WRONG !

Any car with serious play in the steering didnt get that in a short time, Run away quickly !

I found a good one at 4500 and 97000Mls but it took a while to find it, a little mechy work required but nothing bad.

Check the chassis very well before buying one though.

The TD5 is a superb "motor" our one is returning around 30Mpg and will pull the house down if required.

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Tempting to say buy the lower mileage one and be ready to fix it, but what's been said already is sound advice, the car may well have been neglected, they might be selling it because it's become a money pit. If they are selling it because they are short of money what has the car had to go without?

People don't sell cars because they are extactically happy with them, they never go wrong and cost nothing to run. They sell them because they have had enough.

If you see a car for sale because it's been replaced with a newer version of itself that's not such a bad sign.

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Its an absolute Buyers market for older stuff like this.

I was offerred last week a 53 plate full dealer histoey 72,0000 miles 4.4 Range Rover

Autobiography black, immaculate and loaded with everything for £10k - I offerred

£8k as a joke ...and he's thinking about taking me up on it - fancy it for a run around

for a few months, .....but then what would it be worth ? :lol:

What you are after isn't that much different, don't choose between these 2,

its an absolute buyer market, stuff lke this doesn't shift unless its either perfect or priced

rigght, from the above neither of these score on either front

go and look at a vast number of them, and the best will jump out at you

but with those prices I would be expecting mint and low miles


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