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Calling Auto Electricians!!

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Hi All

Recently, my Defender 90 has been blowing fuses a lot on the wiper/reverse fuse. I got an auto electrician round to have a look, and he mentioned how the reverse light has a constant live going to it, and the cars had a previous burn out in the past, so it could be shorting it somewhere.

I've tried bigger fuses, more than twice the recommended and it still blows it easily.

I'm not bothered about having a reverse light...but I really need my wipers!

This may be a silly question...as I'm useless with electrics, but would it be possible to sack the whole reverse light wire off...and put the wipers on a different feed?

Any help would be much appreciated, as the chap I got round said the whole dash will need to come out to fix it, which in this weather I don't really want!


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Never never never replace fuses with bigger ones, unless the problem is that your car isn't on fire enough.

You should be able to unplug the reverse light feed near the bulkhead (or cut the wire & crimp on a female terminal to blank it). That assumes the reverse wire is actually causing the problem.

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Never never never replace fuses with bigger ones, unless the problem is that your car isn't on fire enough.

Quite right. Strangely i had an 'autoelectrician' do this once and claim it was a repair! He didnt get asked to do more work on my 110!

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does it still blow with the bulb out? the live feed bit is correct, the bulb comes on when the switch on the gearbox extension is grounded, from memory the wire should be a green with brown trace?

The multiplug should be by the clutch master cylinder housing. My guess is your loom is chaffed or cut/burnt through near your rear crosmember, havent had a replacement or any welding done on the chassis rail have you/previous owner?

Only other though is some dodgy towbar electrics, or bare wire to loom on other side of 90, where there will be another green/bron trace for another reverse light on export/nas vehicles


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I haven't tried it with the bulb out no...I'll give it a go though.

It has had a burnt out in when I first got the car. The glow plug wiring between the glows and behind the clocks burnt out, I had that replaced.

What do you think is the cheapest/fastest fix? Like I said, I don't need/want a reverse light...as to be honest it's barely visible during the day anyway!

Could I just get an auto electrician to block the reverse light feed off, remove it on the gearbox, and bob the wipers on a different fuse?

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