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What's the source of my clunking?


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and managed to punch myself in the face (twice) while lying under the truck :(

:lol: I'm so sorry, but that made me laugh! I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune but that sounded exactly like something that I would do and am somewhat pleased that things like that happen to other people too! I'm going to hell aren't I ;)

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I'm guessing 6mm of vertical movement through the joint is not good?

Sounds like you found your clunk :-)

When I'm under my 90 I usually manage to spray WD40 in my eyes - it's amazing how many time that's the outcome. Once done I am able to look round twice as quickly as normal - but it doesn't feel healthy.

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Oh yeah, I also set my overall on fire when I was welding once.

I set my overalls on fire right in the crotch. That seemed bad enough until (without thinking) I batted the flames out...


Back to the subject - I am amazed by that 6mm of play, what does it look like - has it broken up or something?


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Have a look at these. It's difficult to photograph. One shows the slack in the pin pulled up and one shows it pushed down.

Hah! That's quite impressive... I suspect that you weren't too far from catastrophic failure, and the effect of that at motorway speed doesn't bear thinking about blink.gif

I think I might check mine this weekend...

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