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non - destructive testing


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I've just rebuilt a series 1 gearbox and was out testing the refitted box the many times blessed layshaft went - I managed to limp home in 3rd and 4th but am now facing the task of rebuilding again!

Before I start ripping out a layshaft from a spare gearbox I want to know if there is any DIY way of testing the replacement layshaft?

Or should I just go and buy a new one for the comfort of it?



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You should be able to buy a dye penetrant kit which i think from memory comprises of 3 aerosols. I think you clean the component then spray on the dye clean off again and then spray with developer which then shows the dye creaping out of the crack if there is one !! I stand to be corrected because i haven't done any for years.

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Dye penetrant can only detect surface cracks where as magnetic particle inspection can detect surface cracks and flaws in the material which are just below the surface. Both of these NDT methods can be performed in the home workshop without the need for very expensive equipment.

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