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Bending the gearstick

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Tomorrow I'm planning on putting some heat on my gearstick and bending it away from my centre console and cb Mic cable. It's going to be done off vehicle but having just removed the gator and looking at the stick, I'm wondering what issues, if any I will come across by doing this as the stick seams to be mounted into some sort of rubber inside the selector piece that has the 17mm af but on.

For anyone that's had to do this did you bend the stick or add more bend to the bottom near the nut?

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It's already at its best position after rotation. I think what I may do it to part cut the lower stem in the middle and then bend the stem to the best position and then re-weld the cut up. This way I can get it into it's best angle without using any heat.

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I was pondering this same issue. On the R380, the lever is mounted on an offset that puts it in front of the splined shifter stub on the box. I'm thinking of cutting the shift lever and reversing the offset so it is to the back of the splined stub. The shifter would fall nearer to hand as well as clearing the dash and Raptor console by an extra couple inches. Of course I have no center seat. If you do, this might make things a bit personal for any center seat occupants...

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