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200Tdi injectors

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The title says it all really!!

I know that you can have TD injectors serviced and 300Tdi ones are NOT servicable, but what aboutu 200's ?

Any clues.

I have a big part of the engine stripped down, so recon I might as well do somethign with the injectors.

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Spray pattern & pressure can be tested & tips changed, otherwise fit reconditioned or brand Bosch new items

Bosch 2 spring (assembly number 0432193879)

nozzle size/type DSLA 145P208

nozzle holder KBEL 98 P52

opening (working) pressure

initail pressure 200atmospheres

secondary pressure 280 atmospheres

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Not to jump your post but, how do you get 300tdi injectors out. I got the #1 injector out by twisting and prying with a screwdriver. #2 I can get to turn but will not come up and the others will not even turn.

I thought of finding a slide hammer but how to attach it to the end.

Any help

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Guest diesel_jim

I did this a while ago, and are about to buy a slide hammer from machine-mart.

get a nut that fits the top of the injector.

get a nut that fits the end of the slide hammer.

get a welder.

glue the two together.

rejoice! B)

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if it is full gut rot coke the head will probably disolve, at least the injector will be free

Agreed, that's why I'd rather like to hear from someone that has done it first.

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Well I got the injectors out what a pain in the *ss. I had to borrow a slide hammer from the guy that rebuilt my injection pump. It took a lot even with the slide hammer and lots of wd40.

New injectors on the way from Paddocks only 34+vat each. It would of cost 31+vat for him to rebuild my old injectors. So I just ordered new ones and may have the old ones rebuilt as a spare set in the future.

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