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Steering issues


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Mornin all. A penny for your thoughts, Will a rangie 3 bolt power steering box be directly interchaneable with a 4 bolt box from say a deender or disco? IE- steering column, dimensios etc. I know some pipe work will have to be changed.

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Just been talking to Ash on the phone and since Paddocks service exchange prices are pretty much the same between the 3 bolt and 4 bolt he asks if anybody know's what the difference between the two are, whether it's the ratios within et cetera?

Any info would be grand as he's out in the garden at present and is going to be back on here later :)

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A quick look in my RAVE info says 'Adwest varimatic' steering box

turns lock to lock of 3.375 for Range Rover Classic & 300Tdi Defender


ratio's of 19.3:1 straight ahead & 17.2:1 on lock for RRC

---------------------------------------14.3:1 ------- for Defender 300Tdi & Discovery 300Tdi, doesn't say if these are 3,4 or 6 bolt boxes.

hth :i-m_so_happy:

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Can you not just adjust out the play in the box?

Otherwise, the 3 bolt is generally regarded as bullet proof, whereas the 4 bolts are generally a little more fragile. I'd be inclined to say that if you've got a 3 bolt at the moment, and are happy with it save for the play then just chop it in for a re-con 3 bolt box. Paddocks are doing them for sub £100 exchange now.


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IIRC the pipe fittings are also the same so its a straight swap.

I've just swapped a 4 bolt into a '85 RRC to replace a knackered 3 bolt. The pipe fittings were different, so I'm now waiting for the correct pipes to finish the job.

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