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No Charge light on when engine off ! Help !

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Can someone help me please... When I turned the engine off earlier and removed the key, the no charge (Battery symbol in dash) light came on.

When I turn ignition on, oil pressure light comes on as normal but no charge light goes out. Battery appears to be charging ok and both lights go out when engine running. (As normal)

Landy 110, 1989 V8 3.5 litre

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I have seen this a few times and usually the alternator has gone phut as already said, but in my experience usually it is not charging either (because you tend not to notice a light that isn't there - until the battery goes flat...)

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Duff diode pack and it may have blown the regulator as well. If its a 100a job its a bit of a pain to change, 65a versions are easier but still require a 40w soldering iron to do. Diodes aren't available on their own, the entire pack needs to be changed. If its the original, the bearings and brushes are likely to be on their last legs anyway.

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