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Edelbrock carb angle

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Hi folks, it's me again...the lone kit car guy who has wandered into your great forum!

I'm installing a 3.9 v8 into my Robin Hood kit ca (lotus 7 type). As you can imagine, clearances are tight...especially under bonnet!

I've got an edelbrock 500 carb and an offenhauser duel port inlet manifold....but the thing is...the inlet manifold mounts the carb at a forward angle!!

I've done a bit of reading and discovered I can buy angle plates to correct this mounting angle, but the problem will be my bonnet clearance! With a 10mm thick heat insulator and a deep dish narrow air filter, I've only got about 10mm or so spare under he bonnet so I ain't got room for this wedge plate!

Can I get away without using the wedge plate or will the funny carb angle bugger up the fueling?

I would great appreciate your advice.

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Have you looked at EFI? It's possible that either a standard, or a shorter plenum would fit your needs OK, and release a fair few more horses.

I think I read you are going Megajolt in your thread, Megasquirt is only a step away from that..... DIY tunable EFI :)

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I thought that the edelbrock 500 were good carbs! I've read lots of good things about them and most v8 kit cars that I know of use them!

They're not bad, but they do exactly what you'd expect when you strap delicate clockwork to the top of a big vibrating thing and then subject it to G forces.

Sorry to say kit car builders are not usually to be held up as examples of engineering prowess, that said nor are most LR owners. People buy what everyone else buys, or what's in fashion, or what looks cool, or what they think will work. Kit car owners tend to gravitate towards shiny & loud.

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That's the reason I went injection because of bonnet clearance using the edelbrock. But anyway regarding the angle I'd just try it and see before using a plate, I've also got a pair of sprung off road float valves for sale too, their supposed to help off road.

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my main query is the manifold / carb base plate angle....

I'll answer your question then,

the reason the inlet manifold mounts the carb at an angle forwards is that in a rangerover the engine is not mounted flat, from memory it is 8 degrees down at the back. so the carb mounting flange is angled to account for this as the carb works best totally flat.

You'd be best skimming your manifold down, then mucking about with the studs. either that or swaping to a single plane manifold they are usually lower profile.

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I run a webber 400cfm carb on edelbrock manifold on my off roader. It sits level normally but obviously off roading aint level! I used to get problems with the carb overfuelling as the floats would stick open on incline or decent. Found I could get an 'offroad kit' for it, which basically replaced the float needles with sprung loaded ones that had a viton rubber tip to the seats. since fitting them I can honestly say ive never had problems since. I offroad regularly and compete and I would not swap the setup I have! I am even in the 20's with mpg on the road which for a series landrover aint bad! see if theres any kits available for your carb, or you may do a couple of plug chop tests. do a few with it on the angle then try it with the wedge plate in and no bonnet. see if theres much of a difference betweeen the 2.

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