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Couple of questions on the LED worklights...


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This is regarding the worklights a load of us bought recently.

Fitted it today, but have two questions:

1: what are the o rings for? The only plac eI can see they would fit is where the brackets bolt onto the main light, but don't see the point?

2: the tiny screws, are they only there as an additional positional lock? I haven't fitted them, as I think the larger screws in the side, combined with the locking design of the brackets seems to do the trick

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Been staring at those o-rings for a while and the only idea I can come up with is to fit them on the bracket like you suggest (stretched over the sticky out bit to stop the indentations interlocking). By fitting them there you would be able to reposition the worklight and it would stay where you put it,without the o-rings the light is either locked in position or floppy.

The little screw is an extra positional lock, it fits into the groove that runs outside the serations, if you look at the bottom of the groove you can see little indentations for it to engage in.

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Yep you are correct, that's where the o rings go, they are there to protect the castings when the body and legs are turned apparently. The little screws are provided as it was found that with time the big screws could work loose and the lights sag, locking rings would have worked but the additional screws were found to be more reliable due to the cast nature of the body and the factory already had thousands.

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One of my 72w lights has had water ingress (roof mounted one) via the poor seal on the side panels, recommend you remove yours and reseal as once in and damaged you can only open and repair by breaking the glass front as it is sealed in place :(

It is one of the risk I accepted buying "cheap" from China but still annoying as only been out the box since March,

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