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pics from Morocco trip


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thought i'd post a few piccys from our trip to morocco in August this year....

High in the Atlas mountains...


Atlas mountain tracks...


in Todra gorge...


On the Dakar rally route somewhere near the Algerian border....


more of the Dakar rally route...


and again.......


crossing a salt lake used by the Dakar rally as an aircraft landing strip...


stopped for a break on the salt lake...


stuck in the sahara.... near erg chebbi.. :(


and again....


halfway up a dune... and going no further.... :(:rolleyes:




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thanks, it was absolutly awesome....

i always thought the Dakar rally boys were a bit mad... but i have a new admiration for them now.... their adverage speed along the track in the 4th pic was in excess of 75mph.... at 20mph we eased off because i thought the truck was about to disintegrate.....

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I am going for a jolly in Marrakech for a week in November, any 4x4 hire companies you know of?

no, sorry alan, we all took our own trucks.

you could do a search for a forum member known as petergg, he's run trips to morocco for a few years and has been loads of times, i think he might be there at the moment though.... he might know of some hire companies...

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Do you find you need air conditioning for such a trip or do you aclimatise?

Not meaning to hijack the thread but when I was in Libya I put the air con on and turned it off after a few minutes as it was too cold. I found that we aclimatised quite well. Same when we went to Morocco


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I am given to understand that using A/C when in such hot places just makes it the more uncomfortable when you have to get out of the car again. Low humidity should help keep you cool along with a good draught from the windows/vents and drinking plenty of water!


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When we went to Morocco we were on a tour with Impala Adventures (before he got too expensive). Did the Dover to Dunkirk crossing and then a leisurley drive down through France and Spain. The problem with the Bilbao ferry was that the timings didn't suite. It only took 3 days with 2 overnight stops to drive down anyway. When we went to Libya it was a recce trip for Atlas Overland. They had not run a trip to Libya before and wanted to see what was on offer. Again it was Dover to Dunkirk and then drove down to Marseille for the ferry to Tunis.


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Looks a brilliant trip.

Do you find you need air conditioning for such a trip or do you aclimatise?


we did use the air-con a bit, it does help, and all that rubbish about making you too cold goes out the window when you just need to cool down.

we tried to keep its use to a minimum as it does make you feel the heat a little more when you get out.we turned it off in the sand as it robbed too much (valuable) horsepower from the engine....

if i did it again, i'd take a truck with air-con... if you've got it, you don't have to use it, but if you haven't got it, you've got no choice......

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How did you get down there? Bimble through France, ferry to Bilbao and across Spain or just sit on a boat all the way there? How did you plan route / sights and camping, or just head out and wing it?

we did the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry, its the most boring experience i've had in quite a while, 34 hours of nothingness...... followed by a 650 mile drive to Algeceras....

we did the 650 miles in one hit, took about 13 hours, which is pretty good realy, we only stopped for fuel, food and loo breaks... its a seriously boring drive, hence why we just went for it and didn't muck about.

the Morocco trip was an organised tour, with a day-to-day itinery and planned places to stop, it was pretty much faultless, the routes were well researched and we saw many places we'd have never have found if we were on our own.

the off-roading in the Atlas mountains and the sahara was awesome, no other way to describe it.



Morocco is a pretty easy place to travel, if i went back i'd probably opt for going with a few other people who had been before, rather than an organised trip, although as a novice in those parts, the security of a organised trip, complete with mechanic (in a truck full of spares) was pretty much invaluable....

the trip was pretty much follow-the-leader once we were in morocco, but if you aren't that confident then its a good thing...

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Phew! i'd have rolled the front bit of the canvas back for a little air!

they rolled all the sides up when it got realy hot, but as he had no soundproofing/ insulation and a bare metal bulk-head and tunnel, you can't do much about the heat coming up through the floor....


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