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6R4 with a freelander body? now THAT sounds sexy i love 6R4s, if i ever win the lottery (must buy a ticket one day) thats the first thing im buying.

used to know a bloke who built TR8 rally cars he purchased a 6R4 then fitted twin turbos

it was road legal too.

and a workmate is childhood friends with Will Gollop his 6R4 rallycross car was a sight to behold.

I loved the RS200E personally after a Mk2 RS1800 the best of the lot

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Mmmmmmm 6R4, one turned up to Goodwood a while back when the Ford rally team were there with what must've been the outgoing Escort Cosworth rally car. They did a fast run round the rally track and then the Metro made them look like they'd been going backwards - it was a sight to behold.

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Ok don't know a great deal about the IRD so bear with me i maybe talking carp

But can't you fab a Land transfer box to go in its place.

Or weld up the inside of the IRD and therefore make it stronger. I know what the IRD does but you don't need this on the truck, as it does not spend all it time in safeway :) They have a diff front and rear don't they so it will ok on the corners. Just get some way to split the drive 50/50 but will keep up to what you are doing to it

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Chatting last night with DH we came up with some ideas

This was chatting over a few beers so the as a suggestion came up with

2.8 BMW six in the back

milner transfure box

shogun floating diffs front and rear,cv's shafts and hubs (if it works with the £1.7k each shocks)

Shafts will need to be made and its all just ideas and assumtions.

and a huge bill from stunning survices to fit and make it all work :lol:

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Jules, the 6 would be nice but I'd have to agree with Luvvers on the Toyota lump; its a fabulous engine; one of my favourates, infact.

What are the rules about cutting up the chassis in super production? If you've got cart blanch anythings possible but if not then its a little harder...

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The toyota stiff is good

chassie will need to be adapted to for strength regardless..

keeping the engine size down still keeps the freelander out of the buggy and Bowler classes.

There has been some fantastic feed back on this post thanks again guys I need to study to comments.

rally car stuff has been knocked out which keeps the costs down :) and also loads if ideas based on expirance which are grate.

The IRD cassing blows apart but also the shafts brake.

Thanks to all.

The chap that was co-driving for me on Sat is Colin Read from Mitubushi and was the works driver racing as a team mate to Tony Pond in the Layland works rally team TR8's and the 6R4 up untill they were band. (how cool is that)

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Bill told me how you broke the IRD - perhaps a little less enthusiasm next time? :lol:

What about bracing the case of the IRD up to prevent explosion?

I'm not convinced that will work and I want more power which will make the problem worse.

VC back in may reduce the load on the ird

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