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I have been to Llanderchindda and it don't look like the photo, so I can only assume they are not the same! I believe Toms farm is more of a pay and play site whereas Llanderchindda is a B&B which is very 4x4 friendly



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Anyone know if tommy's farm in wales has a website? i cant find it :(

or has anyone got a phone number for them or know where it is?

Website? :D:lol::lol::lol::D:lol::lol::D That picture really is his house, the morris ital van is a dog kennel, the rangie classic around the side is a chicken shed.

I have pm'd you his telephone number.

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He is a character all right, could be bones in them there hills!

He makes me chuckle everytime I go, you never see him until its time to leave for

1) Payment and 2) any food you have left over - ere boyo, youre not going to travel them eggs are you?

Usually he trots away on his quad with payment and a basket full of food!

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