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Staring out the window


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I sold my sensible commuter car last week so have been using the Land Rovers to get to and from work.

I never used to look out the window at the Volvo but now I cannot help but find myself taking a quick admiring peep at the 110 in the carpark.

I brought the 90 in today and it looks like a tonka toy out the window :D

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I know that feeling....

Every Friday I like to take to 110 to work just because it feels like the weekend has started...

I have to park it out of sight round the back of the building where the parking is but always take the opportunity to nip and see the rest of my team in their building which takes me past my car...

Looks so cool standing there head and shoulders over the other cars !

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Yep, I'm looking at my 90 out of the window right now :D

Actually mine has the added entertainment of watching the reaction from those passing by. I'm convinced (but then I'm biased anyway) that the battered '85 90 attracts far more attention than the other 110's, Disco 1's and 3's and P38s parked in our street though the darn Hummer H2 in black was an eye catcher yesterday.

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Yes join the club Ive had my 110 200tdi for 3 years and my Disco 200tdi for 2 years and still get a lot of enjoment from them both especially when i drive them out on Sailsbury Plain


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