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Setting tappets

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Hi guys

Just on with setting the tappets on my 1989 2.5 turbo diesel 90.

Original plan was to put a socket on the end of the crankshaft and turn the engine that way but we don't have a big enough socket. So my question is what size socket is needed so we can borrow one from somewhere?

If your interested we managed to set one tappet just by turning the engine over via the alternator but gave up after the first one as it was taking ages to get the next tappet up to set it.



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I believe its 27mm, but if you take the glow plugs out to reduce the compression so the engine turns over easier you are able to turn the engine over with a 10mm long ring spanner on the water pump pulley, the manual says to set them all COLD at 0.020" but I set mine at 0.015

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